Our Mission

Compassion for Community exists to demonstrate tangible love and care toward physical, mental, and spiritual needs identified within our community.  We demonstrate leadership in our community and are a source of hope to those around us through outreach events/services.

At Compassion for Community, we want to provide just that: compassion toward those in our community, specifically to those who are struggling to make ends meet and feel valued.  We seek to not only serve an individual once, but rather to appropriately structure our outreaches to consistently serve (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or annually). In alignment with one of our core values of consistency, we offer reliable solutions to needs that never lose their lifespan.  We will relieve financial stress with services that provide groceries, like our biweekly Food Distribution, and school supplies/shoes, like our annual Back-to-School event. We will provide emotional support with services, like the weekly INSPIRE School Program, that mentor students in partnership with the school district. As needs present themselves in our community, we want to be ready to problem solve with reliable solutions.  

We will exist completely off of donations from local churches, businesses, and organizations. This ensures that we can provide free services at our outreach events and programs. 

Our scope starts within our immediate community of Spring, Texas and its families, businesses, and school district.  Our reach extends to the greater Houston area, including Harris County and Montgomery County.  As opportunities arise, Compassion for Community can organize the resources to serve globally with other partners and organizations.

Our personnel have over 2 decades of experience in planning nonprofit events, gathering appropriate resources (supplies/volunteers), and executing them efficiently. We make it a priority to build relationships with community leaders, such as law enforcement, pastors, counselors, and school administration, to better understand the needs around us.  We are committed to building an inventory of supplies for our outreaches and a database of ready-to-serve volunteers. 

Compassion for Community not only cares for the need…we care for the individual behind the need.